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Gatesville Elementary Parental Involvement Policy

Gatesville Elementary Parental Involvement Policy


It is the policy of Gatesville Elementary, as a part of Gatesville Independent School district, to ensure that all students achieve high academic standards.  Parental involvement is an important component of student achievement and it is the policy to:

           Welcome parents into the building to volunteer, to participate in special activities, and to attend conferences such as teacher-parent conferences, LPAC and ARD meetings.

           Have an organized parental involvement organization known as VIP for Very Important Parents.

           Include parents in the decision making process by including parent representatives in leadership committees, such as SBDM and SHAC, and maintaining open communication between teachers and parents, including daily correspondence using school/home planners.

           Report student progress to parents by using daily planners, weekly informational flyers, phone calls/emails, three week progress reports, and report cards.  The School Messenger will provide emergency announcements, absence information and NutriKid updates.

           Promote parental involvement by having an annual meeting to inform parents of campus information and school/parental responsibilities.

           Provide assistance to students at risk of not meeting high academic standards by informing parents of how they may assist their children in meeting state standards of academic readiness as defined in TEKS and assessed through STAAR, the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness.

This policy was reviewed and revised by a committee of parents and educators in May