Early Dismissal on Friday, March 9

Because of the early dismissal, our lunch schedule will run earlier than the usual times.
10:30-11:00      Bissell, Grimsley, Sullins, Chumley, Mooney
10:45-11:15      Morenon, Weiss, Bolinger, Richardson, Necessary
11:00-11:30      W. Melton, C. Wolff, Phillips, Pesch, Marris
11:15-11:45      Swodeck, Gonzales, McWhorter, Sonntag, A. Wolff
11:30-12:00      Kittner, Nichols, Doss, Insall, Hanson
11:45-12:15      Sebek, Dingianni, Baker, May, Barrows